Comicbookedit 1.10 released

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There is a new version of comicbookedit. Lots of bugs have been fixed. There are also some great new features:


- rotating and flipping figures.

- selecting more than one control-point once you are in editing mode. The selected points also can be rotated and flipped! This can be useful: for example when you draw a leg you can select the lower part of the leg and rotate it without rotating the upper part of the leg.

- easy browsing in grouped figures. Once you have a grouped figure selected, you can press F5. After that you can select and edit parts of the grouped figure. You can also use control-F5 to hide the rest of the drawing temporarily.


MMXjjLEnD wrote at 2008-04-23 :


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Doc Al wrote at 2010-10-19 :


Trying to contact you by email about tweaking comicbookedit

new release for comicbookedit

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It has been a bit quiet on the site. But a lot is happening: I have been working on my comic, and while doing so, I've added some fixes and new functionality to the program.

Soon I'll do an upload, and I hope this will bring the following features:

- better undo/redo support for large documents.

- rotating!

- selecting and moving more than one control points at once.

- perhaps: flipping figures.

So stay tuned for comicbookedit 1.1 which I hope to release somewhere in the next 2 weeks.

Comicbookedit 1.01

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There are some important bugs with multiple pages, and with adding clipboxes to pages. I will upload a fix soon.

Comicbookedit 1.0!!!

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Finally, I made a version 1.0 of comicbookedit. Not that it is ever finished, but I feel it is finished enough now to call it 1.0. 1.0 has a lot of new features:

- build in help

- alignment system, to place two points/figures on one line.

- export to bitmap (only *.png seems to work though) and export bitmap to clipboard

- textboxes can now be invisible, rendering only text

And there is also:

- a nice executable installer! (this is windows only) For people who don't know how to start jar files. It creates menu shortcuts and an uninstaller.

More info and downloads here


Comicbookedit 0.5 released

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It has been a long time since I've updated comicbookedit. In september 2006 I bought a new PDA, and decided to try to write a small drawing program for it. I got hooked into designing a low level drawing program. Soon after september I dropped the "PDA" part, switched back to java, and now... 8 months later, I have worked out this "new drawing program" into a rewrite of comicbookedit.

So, one of the main improvements is that now, you can draw with comicbookedit. (The previous versions you had to paste svg into the editor).

Support for other drawing tools has become less, because this version does not support a decent svg import. But I'll plan to improve that!

I will be back soon with more releases!

Comic Book Editor 0.41

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Comicbookedit 0.41 is ready and available. Fixes for two bugs and the new 'embed font' code have been built. You should take a look at the font tag as specified in the xml-format documentation.


I am also reconsidering to built code for auto balloon sizing. The embedded font definitions contain kerning tables so I can calculate how much space a text occupies.



Font problem

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This week was my first work week after two weeks of holidays and writing the first comics pages... and I discovered that fonts aren't very consistent over different windows machines. Text that at home fitted its box did not do so at work.


Even worse: text that shows right in mozilla 1.5 beta (with svg) is larger in IE+Adobe SVG. On the same machine, with the same font files installed!


So I will be starting a 'fix'-release and adding embedded-font-support to Comic Book Edit.

Comic Book Editor 0.4

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Comicbookedit 0.4 is released. This is the first version I plan to use for a comic. Although there are no edit commands, you can make a comic by writing the xml by hand and using the program only to examine the results.


There also is a new screenshot. It shows some first pictures of my soon-to-be-found-online comic.


Releases of comicbookedit will be less frequent from now on, as I will have to divide my time between improving the program and using it.


I think that is a great reason for releasing less frequent ;-)

Comic Book Editor 0.3

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Comic Book Editor 0.3 was released today. I am still ahead of schedule, so I implemented part of version 0.4 - some balloon support.


Which means that drawing allmost can start...! I will start drawing as soon as version 0.4 is finished and maybe even earlier.


Since everything is going so well, I've added some extra features to the plan for release 0.4 which I think will be usefull, such as: balloons that automatically adjust to text size, svg in separate files.



Comic Book Editor 0.2

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Comic book editor 0.2 has been released, one week ahead on schedule. Parts of the file format is documented also in this release. This documentation is also accessible via the web site.



new on tuitman.org: Comicbookedit 0.1

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I've followed the open source mantra "release early and release often" and produced a version which does allmost nothing at all ;-)


But it is on my site now and, more interesting, it is also my first sourceforge.net project.



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Zo'n mail interface kan best handig zijn. Ik zou ook zoiets willen hebben, maar dan wil ik er ook een notes queue bij hebben. Nu bewaar ik concept berichten in gmail enzo...

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Goed bezig!


Ik heb 'm geprobeerd op de Mac. En inderdaad, hij doet keurig bijna niets. ;-)

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