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Release 1.0 is approved by Apple, and a new level is in the making! Click here for more news.

About Ancient Cities

You are a ruler who governs a city and its surrounding lands. Your goal is to make your city the most powerfull city in the world. You can win in two ways: either by an economic or by a military victory.

Ancient cities is an iPhone strategy game, turn based. I made the first version long before iPhones existed, as a hobby project. I really hated the enormous amount of units that you have to move around when you play Sid Meiers' civilisation. So I build this game to see if a simple strategy game that didn't take ages to play can also be exciting! And now I have adjusted it to run on the iphone.

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Where to buy

To buy Ancient Cities, follow this link to the App store


If you run into any troubles with the program, you can contact me about it. I really like to hear your opinion, you can also leave a comment to this post.

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