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Release 1.0 is ready!!! Click here for more news.

What is it?

Comicbookedit is a program for creating comics. It can be used to draw comics and save them in an SVG file format. This means that your comic will display in firefox. Drawings can also be exported to PDF and to bitmaps. The former is great for printing.

Screen shot

This is ComicBookEditor running as application in java 1.6

More features

Another nice feature of comicbookedit is that the drawing can be done using simple mouse clicks and keyboard shortcuts only. So no dragging around with the mouse or difficult precision clicking on very small control points.

What makes comicbookedit specially suited for comics (although you can draw other things with it) is the ability to create text balloons very easily. Also it is very easy to setup a "comic book" format: a drawing with multiple pages, and boxes on the pages in which you can place your favourite comic characters.

Comicbookedit is written in Java so it runs on windows/linux/mac. It is open source. That means you don't have to pay any bucks for using it... and you can look in the source code your self if you want to add an enhancement. Please contact me if you want to do that, because I might be interested...

How to run and install

Windows users can download and run the binary installer. Installation is very easy, just follow the instructions.

For mac/linux/windows advanced users:

  • download the files from
  • Then unzip.
  • Now go to the comicbookedit/build directory,
  • start a command prompt
  • and type:java -jar comicbookedit.jar

How to build

If you are a developer, you might be interested in tweaking the program. Unzip the files downloaded from Run build.bat in the main directory. If you want tou build on mac/linux, you need to run Perhaps you'll need to edit de *.bat/*.sh file before running, as some environment variables are needed.


Feel free to contact me about comicbookedit.

Release calendar

probably, I will start with 1.0x soon to fix some bugs. But I plan to do some drawing first!!!

version task when?
0.5 most main drawing functions 21-05-2007
balloons 21-05-2007
boxes to place the comics in 21-05-2007
file save/load/place 21-05-2007
0.52 add multiple pages in a document 15-09-2007
0.55 more support for multiple pages before 01-10-2007
working font dialog
0.6 printing (=PDF export now)
0.62 line widths
fixed some bugs in selection
0.7 help system t.b.d
support for circles t.b.d.
alignment keys t.b.d
0.8 localisation: dutch t.b.d
more import svg support (some of this present in 0.52)
0.9 undo buffers t.b.d
1.0 just 1.0! t.b.d